What do you get for your money?

  • The charter price differs depending on the period in which you wish to sail. The lowest prices are in pre and postseason, the highest of course in high season at the peak of summer.

    The charter price includes the rent of the fully equipped, insured and officialy registered charter boat.

    You get and return the boat the same way as you would a rental car.
    The promised boat is handed over to you in perfect condition with a full tank of fuel and you must return it the same way. For operating a boat you need to have a proper licence.

  • To ensure a better price for the charter, you can book your boat during EARLY BOOKING season or as a LAST MINUTE booking.

    Early booking means, that you book your boat very early, as early as autumn or the end of January at the latest. That’s when the selection of boats is the largest and best and also the prices are lower.

    Last minute enables you to book an available boat at the last possible minute at a cut-price. This method requires a bit of luck and we suggest that you listen to our advice.

  • Obligatoy payments

    Security deposit for the boat handles your responsibilities to the rental boat and is handled during check-in. The size of the security deposit is always known at the moment of the signing of the reservation contract and is paid in cash or credit card. There is also a possibility to buy insurance of the security deposit.

    Transit log - cleaning - charter administration
    Besides the rental price, there are also obligatoy payments known as transit log, which is basically crew change, cleaning, replacing the towels and bed sheets, cooking gas and payment of the local VAT.

    The client is notified on all expected costs upon reservation to avoid any unexpected surprises on the spot.

    In some countries, like Croatia, there is an obligatory payment of the tourist tax, which amounts to around 7 kuna (or approx. 1 €/day per adult person, children are half). This tax is normally paid on the spot and in croatian kuna.

  • Optional extras
    With optional extras you can rent additional services, like an outboard engine for the dinghy if it’s not already included in the price, safety nets, mobile internet, additional sails, towels or bed sheets, a rental SUP etc.