When and where to sail?

  • Summer months are ideal for a relaxing family sailing or sailing with friends, when you can enjoy the hot sun and warm water. To all newcomers we offer cruise tips.

    For the real sailors the best sailing comes in pre or postseason (spring and autumn). That’s when the sailing conditions are perfect and you also avoid the crowd.

  • Duration of the boat charter

    Normally the charter lasts a full week, two or more, from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning. There is also a possibility to rent a boat for a shorter period, but this depends on the season, availability and individual charter companies. In pre and postseason, when availability is the highest, the odds for a shorter period are of course greater.

  • With us you have the option to choose among numerous bases in many countries across Europe and the world.

    The most popular is still Croatia with its beautiful islands. Here you can choose between the northern Adriatic (Istria), Kvarner or central Adriatic, where there is the greatest number of possibilities.

    If you prefer south and like to travel, we suggest sailing in Greece, where you can see the typical greek architecture and ancient monuments, or even Turkey.

    For the adventurers we also offer charters in the Caribbean, Seychelles, Thailand etc.